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Rename container image to origin-ansible / ose-ansible
As discussed in #4279 the container image is being renamed to openshift/origin-ansible (upstream) and openshift3/ose-ansible (downstream) for the "oc cluster up" use case, and more generally to make it fit the imageConfig.format configuration option. This updates references to the image name accordingly. Also updating references to playbook2image to account for recent moves of the repo/image.
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## Build an openshift-ansible container image
+**NOTE**: the examples below use "openshift-ansible" as the name of the image to build for simplicity and illustration purposes, and also to prevent potential confusion between custom built images and official releases. See []( for details about the released container images for openshift-ansible.
To build a container image of `openshift-ansible` using standalone **Docker**:
cd openshift-ansible
- docker build -f images/installer/Dockerfile -t openshift/openshift-ansible .
+ docker build -f images/installer/Dockerfile -t openshift-ansible .
### Building on OpenShift
To build an openshift-ansible image using an **OpenShift** [build and image stream]( the straightforward command would be:
- oc new-build
+ oc new-build
However: because the `Dockerfile` for this repository is not in the top level directory, and because we can't change the build context to the `images/installer` path as it would cause the build to fail, the `oc new-app` command above will create a build configuration using the *source to image* strategy, which is the default approach of the [playbook2image]( base image. This does build an image successfully, but unfortunately the resulting image will be missing some customizations that are handled by the [Dockerfile](images/installer/Dockerfile) in this repo.
@@ -48,7 +50,7 @@ At the time of this writing there is no straightforward option to [set the docke
curl -s |
oc new-build -D - \
- \
+ \
@@ -76,5 +78,5 @@ Once the container image is built, we can import it into the OSTree
-atomic pull --storage ostree docker:openshift/openshift-ansible:latest
+atomic pull --storage ostree docker:openshift-ansible:latest