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Migrate to import_role for static role inclusion
In Ansible 2.2, the include_role directive came into existence as a Tech Preview. It is still a Tech Preview through Ansible 2.4 (and in current devel branch), but with a noteable change. The default behavior switched from static: true to static: false because that functionality moved to the newly introduced import_role directive (in order to stay consistent with include* being dynamic in nature and `import* being static in nature). The dynamic include is considerably more memory intensive as it will dynamically create a role import for every host in the inventory list to be used. (Also worth noting, there is at the time of this writing an object allocation inefficiency in the dynamic include that can in certain situations amplify this effect considerably) This change is meant to mitigate the pressure on memory for the Ansible control host. We need to evaluate where it makes sense to dynamically include roles and revert back to dynamic inclusion if and where it makes sense to do so.
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dest: "{{ tempdir }}/curator.yml"
changed_when: no
-- include_role:
+- import_role:
name: openshift_logging
tasks_from: patch_configmap_files.yaml