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* Correct the list of certificates checked in openshift_master_certificates s.t...Andrew Butcher2018-02-051-17/+8
* Move more plugins to lib_utilsMichael Gugino2018-01-101-0/+1
* Chmod temp dirs created on localhostMichael Gugino2018-01-091-0/+5
* Remove become statementsMichael Gugino2018-01-091-2/+0
* Remove openshift.common.{is_atomic|is_containerized}Michael Gugino2017-12-201-2/+2
* Relocate filter plugins to lib_utilsMichael Gugino2017-12-182-9/+10
* Removed old version codeMichael Gugino2017-11-141-5/+1
* Separate certificate playbooks.Andrew Butcher2017-10-021-3/+1
* Generate loopback kubeconfig separately to preserve OpenShift CA certificate.Andrew Butcher2017-06-271-1/+1
* Use local openshift.master.loopback_url when generating initial master loopba...Andrew Butcher2017-06-021-3/+3
* Remove use of local_action with delegate_to and switch 'delegate_to: localhos...Andrew Butcher2017-05-161-3/+2
* Fix additional master cert & client config creation.Andrew Butcher2017-05-081-2/+2
* Remove set operations from openshift_master_certificates iteration.Andrew Butcher2017-05-021-4/+4
* openshift_master_certificates: add openshift_master_cert_expire_days parameter.Slava Semushin2017-03-293-0/+9
* BZ1414276 - Quote ansible_ssh_user when determining group idScott Dodson2017-02-221-1/+1
* Restructure certificate redeploy playbooksAndrew Butcher2017-02-021-0/+10
* g_master_mktemp in openshift-master conflicts with openshift_master_certificatesRich Megginson2017-01-191-4/+4
* Ensure serial certificate generation for node and master certificates.Andrew Butcher2017-01-171-10/+17
* Create individual serving cert and loopback kubeconfig for additional masters.Andrew Butcher2017-01-161-16/+28
* Switch from "oadm" to "oc adm" and fix bug in binary sync.Devan Goodwin2016-10-191-1/+1
* Link ca to ca-bundle when ca-bundle does not exist.Andrew Butcher2016-08-231-0/+26
* Support for redeploying certificates.Andrew Butcher2016-08-111-7/+47
* Add options for specifying named ca certificates to be added to the openshift...Andrew Butcher2016-08-012-5/+9
* Refactor openshift certificates roles.Andrew Butcher2016-07-204-29/+133
* Revert openshift-certificates changes.Andrew Butcher2016-05-304-131/+29
* Consolidate ca/master/node certificates roles into openshift_certificates.Andrew Butcher2016-05-194-29/+131
* Cleanup various deprecation warnings.Andrew Butcher2016-04-291-4/+4
* Use inventory_hostname for openshift master certs to sync.Andrew Butcher2016-02-291-1/+1
* Synchronize master kube configsAndrew Butcher2016-02-261-0/+9
* Generate each master's certificates separately.Andrew Butcher2016-02-161-29/+5
* Add gte check for 3.2, update version checks to gteJason DeTiberus2016-02-091-1/+1
* Containerization work by @sdodsonScott Dodson2015-12-151-0/+2
* Merge pull request #796 from abutcher/master-proxy-certsBrenton Leanhardt2015-11-061-9/+14
| * Fix issue with master.proxy-client.{crt,key} and omit.Andrew Butcher2015-11-021-9/+14
* | remove debug linetalset2015-11-041-3/+0
* | [roles/openshift_master_certificates/tasks/main.yml] Fix variable openshift.m...talset2015-11-041-1/+1
* | Add all the possible servicenames to openshift_all_hostnames for mastersScott Dodson2015-11-031-0/+2
* Move version greater_than_fact into openshift_factsAndrew Butcher2015-10-221-2/+2
* Don't include proxy client cert when <3.1 or <1.1Andrew Butcher2015-10-221-2/+3
* Add openshift_version to set RPM versionsScott Dodson2015-09-031-2/+0
* Atomic Enterprise related changes.Avesh Agarwal2015-08-261-2/+2
* Copy more master certs for HA masterJason DeTiberus2015-07-231-0/+16
* Initial HA masterJason DeTiberus2015-07-172-7/+12
* Playbook updates for clustered etcdJason DeTiberus2015-07-104-0/+80