path: root/roles/template_service_broker
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* Fixes for AndsSuren A. Chilingaryan2018-02-161-6/+7
* Fix indentation to make yamllint happyVadim Rutkovsky2018-02-101-7/+7
* Verify that requested services have schedulable nodes matching the selectorsVadim Rutkovsky2018-02-101-0/+7
* Normalize the time we wait for pods to 5s * 60 retriesScott Dodson2018-02-091-2/+2
* Set default image tag to openshift_image_tag for servicesVadim Rutkovsky2018-02-082-2/+2
* files in ansible roles do not need to have the path specified to themDan Yocum2018-01-243-4/+2
* moving files to their correct <role>/files dir for the openshift_web_console ...Dan Yocum2018-01-235-1/+247
* Merge pull request #6800 from bparees/adminOpenShift Merge Robot2018-01-222-6/+18
| * use admin credentials for tsb install operationsBen Parees2018-01-192-6/+18
* | Bug 1536262: Default console and TSB node selector to openshift_hosted_infra_...Samuel Padgett2018-01-211-1/+1
* Rollout console after template service broker installSamuel Padgett2018-01-182-0/+12
* Rework default TSB prefix and imagename to match other servicesVadim Rutkovsky2018-01-172-4/+4
* Merge pull request #5726 from ewolinetz/update_tsb_imageScott Dodson2018-01-102-2/+2
| * Updating tsb image names and templateEric Wolinetz2018-01-092-2/+2
* | Remove become statementsMichael Gugino2018-01-092-4/+0
* Remove references to deployment_typeMichael Gugino2017-12-211-2/+2
* Remove openshift.common.{is_atomic|is_containerized}Michael Gugino2017-12-202-6/+6
* Relocate filter plugins to lib_utilsMichael Gugino2017-12-181-0/+2
* prevent TSB pods from spinning on inappropriate nodesJim Minter2017-12-112-0/+4
* Include Deprecation - openshift-service-catalogRussell Teague2017-11-221-2/+2
* Fix extension script for catalogMichael Gugino2017-11-132-6/+0
* Use openshift.common.client_binaryScott Dodson2017-11-082-5/+5
* Remove duplicate defaulting for ASB and TSBScott Dodson2017-11-082-3/+3
* Use oc rather than kubectlScott Dodson2017-11-071-1/+1
* Enable SC, ASB, TSB by defaultScott Dodson2017-11-021-1/+1
* Updating console OPENSHIFT_CONSTANTS flag for TSBEric Wolinetz2017-10-271-1/+1
* Remove role bindings during service catalog un-installstaebler2017-10-221-2/+2
* Merge pull request #5746 from staebler/Bug_1496694_new_resource_namesScott Dodson2017-10-191-2/+2
| * Change to service-signer.crt for template_service_broker CA_BUNDLEstaebler2017-10-182-3/+3
| * Use service-signer.crt for ca_bundle passed to clusterservicebrokerstaebler2017-10-181-1/+1
* | Rewire openshift_template_service_broker_namespaces configurableJim Minter2017-10-132-1/+16
* Registering the broker for TSBEric Wolinetz2017-09-283-2/+38
* Passing in image parameter for tsb templateEric Wolinetz2017-09-253-4/+10
* Creating initial tsb role to consume and apply templates provided for tsbEric Wolinetz2017-09-2010-0/+113